Principal's Greeting

Dear all Saint Paul American School Stakeholders,

Mr. Patrick Carey

I want to welcome back all returning students and parents, and welcome and say hello to the students and parents that are new this year to Saint Paul American School. The 2016 – 2017 school year will be the “Best” ever! I am starting my third year here and looking very forward to continuing several of the programs we have begun, and also the new programs we will start this year. Our student performance continues to grow each year because of the hard work of students and staff, and the continued support of parents. It takes a total team effort for a school to achieve success.

We will continue to set students’ academic achievement as our top priority through engaging them in a rigorous and relevant curriculum, meaningful activities and nurturing adult communications. Our Goals, Mission and Purpose Statement will remain the same:

2016 – 17 Goals and Mission & Purpose Statement

Saint Paul American School students will demonstrate competence and excellence in the four pillars of Scholarship, Leadership, Character and Service in order to achieve personal and professional success in the global community.

The following listed goals provide for a continual cycle of improvement within Saint Paul American School. The curriculum is set up to provide the student with the best education opportunities using the AERO standards and delivered through an innovative ‘Framework for Instruction’ driven by constant and consistent assessment and feedback; all conducted under a culture that supports the respect for learning. The building blocks of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment all connected by a safe ‘Culture of Learning’ being continually monitored and documented is the foundation of our School Improvement Plan.

  1. Culture of Learning

    - Saint Paul American School will maintain and foster a safe learning environment to create a ‘Culture of Learning’ of respect by engaging and challenging students in every aspect of their educational experience in order to develop a community of lifelong learners.

  2. Curriculum & Instruction

    - Saint Paul American School will provide a curriculum and instruction protocol that is AERO standards based, and emphasizes a ‘Depth of Knowledge’ across all academic areas by engaging students in rigorous and relevant content leading to inquiry, problem solving and higher order thinking.

  3. Assessment & Data

    - Saint Paul American School will consistently employ an array of assessment tools for the purpose of evaluating student progress, identifying student learning needs and providing data driven instruction.

  4. Supervision & Evaluation

    - Saint Paul American School will ensure that all instructional activities are monitored and supervised through a documented teacher evaluation system.

  5. Reading Literacy

    - Saint Paul American School will increase Reading scores 10 points as measure by the 2017 Spring MAP assessment.

  6. Language Literacy

    - Saint Paul American School will increase Language scores 10 points as measure by the 2017 Spring MAP assessment.

Please know that we ask all parents to join us as partners in your student’s education. We will always strive to prepare students for success this year and will work tirelessly for them. I want to thank you in advance for being part of our Saint Paul American School family. We know that a child is the most precious gift in the world to a parent; we are honored that you have entrusted us with their education, safety and growth. Best wishes for an awesome 2016 - 2017 school year!


Patrick Carey
Saint Paul American School - Beijing, China