Background of Oscars Mini-Documentary Production Camp

Project Introduction

SPAS students will be working through December to create original documentaries. Students will work in groups of 4-5 to select a phenomenon to research and every student will have a job. The Rolls are:

  • Director/Producer
  • Research Director/Fact-Checker
  • Script Supervisor
  • Art Director/Publicist
  • Director of Photography

Each person is only responsible for their part in creating the documentary. However, each person’s role is equally important. You all will have to work together to write, design, and produce an award-winning documentary!

Documentaries will be submitted to the academy on December 30th by 4:00PM to be graded and judged for awards.

Documentary of the Projects


  • November 29th: Assembly to announce the project
  • November 30th - December 14th: Research and preparation time
  • December 17th: Presentation by Liu Xiaofeng - Independent Director/Producer
  • December 20th - December 30th: Full day work time on Project
  • December 20th: Presentation by Nova Universal - Creative talent management and production company run by former SPAS students
  • January 3rd-January 7th: Academies view documentaries (Available on this webpage)
  • January 7th: Students and parents vote for each category using ranked voting
  • January 10th: Nominees announced
  • January 10th – January 12th: Teacher voting
  • January 14th: Academy Awards Gala (Oscars awarded)

Description of roles:


  • Keeps the group focused
  • Organize the calendar
  • Schedule tasks
  • Assist all members to complete their roles

Research Director/Fact-Checker

  • Leads the group in conducting research
  • Consolidates and organizes the research gathered
  • Carefully document all information sources used into an MLA formatted Work Cited page
  • Verify the validity and trustworthiness of sources used
  • Minimize the impact of potential bias on the documentary
  • Works closely with the Script Supervisor

Script Supervisor

  • Writes all scripts for live-action scenes and voice-overs
  • Works closely with the Research Director

Art Director/Publicist

  • Responsible for the creative elements of the documentary
  • Create any animations needed
  • Work with Directory of Photography to ensure the final cut of the documentary is aesthetically pleasing to watch
  • Responsible for creating a Movie Poster for the documentary

Director of Photography

  • Record all interviews, voice-overs, reenactments, and B-Roll
  • Edit together voice-overs, reenactments, and B-Roll into a final product
  • Work with Directory of Photography to ensure the final cut of the documentary is aesthetically pleasing to watch
  • Complete the final cut of your documentary

Project Intruction by Student News


During the Academy Awards Gala, the following awards will be given out for both students groups (9th and 11th-Grade/ 10th and 12th-Grade):

  • Best Picture – Group Award
  • Best Story – Group Award
  • Best Unique & Artistic Production – Group Award
  • Most Inspirational – Group Award
  • Best Use of Time (Teacher Selected) – Group Award
  • Outstanding Performance (Teacher Selected) – Individual Award

Watch a recording of the Live Streamed Awards Ceremony from January 14th here.