Picture of Teachers

The faculty at St. Paul American School is comprised of a highly energetic, qualified, caring staff that truly understand the responsibilities and privileges that come with teaching at a private boarding institution. 87.4% of teachers hold special certifications, allowing them to know, understand, and utilize the best practice methodologies in modern education. All staff have undergone SIOP training, and continue to meet regularly for development and training.


Our staff also has a commitment to higher learning, with 53.9% completed graduate studies in their respective fields. This dedication to better understanding both subject-area content and educational pedagogy proves that the SPAS educators understand the importance of being a lifelong learner. The more one understands their craft, the better they at relaying this important knowledge.


The faculty and staff at SPAS realize that an important part of learning and building relationships in an American style program also occurs outside of the classroom. With that in mind, 94.0% of teachers lead after-school activities for students. This invaluable experience allows teachers and students to enjoy one another in a different setting, separated from the teaching building.


Finally, SPAS teachers recognize what a privilege it is teaching in a tight-knit community, and find a home at the SPAS community. The tenure for most teachers is more than 3 years. This consistency and familiarity between student and teacher is necessary for student trust and development, and ultimately helps create a positive school community.